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Costs of buying a property in UAE

One of the most important questions when purchasing any property in the UAE is the costs of buying a property in the UAE, i.e. the value of taxes, fees, and expenses incurred by you when purchasing this property, and what are the post-purchase expenses? And does the price of the property announced on the official pages of the marketing companies include these fees and expenses? Therefore, the costs of buying a property in the UAE should be clear to you before the purchase process.

We offer you a list of these expenses and fees that you must pay during the process of buying a property and transferring ownership to your name:

The costs of buying a property in the UAE during the purchase process and paid only once for the land department:

    Seller: 2% of the sale price
    Buyer: 2% of the sale price
    AED 250 as Title Deed issuance fees
    AED 100 Land Map Issuance Fees
    AED 250 for Villas & Units Map Issuance Fees
    AED 10 Knowledge fees added to each fee
    AED 10 Innovation fees added to each fee

    Registration Trustee Fee:
    If the sale price exceeds or equals AED 500,000 AED 4,000 will be charged
    If the sale price less than AED 500,000 AED 2,000 will be charged

    After the purchase, you will have to pay annually:

    You can easily inquire and find out the value of service and maintenance fees in Dubai for the property you want to buy. All you have to do is visit the Dubai Land Department website, and choose to inquire about the service fee index (service fee calculator) from the many electronic services provided by the department.

    To be able to know the exact service charges involved, you need to specify some factors, which are:

    Project selection based on location
    Choose the type of housing units provided by the project from offices, residential, mixed or retail
    The year in which you want to know the value of the service and maintenance fees incurred by you
    There is also a “Choose from Map” service that allows you to select the area on the map that appears in front of you to view the details. It is worth noting that the information provided by the process relates to all fees paid by the property owner on an annual basis, which are:

    The facilities
    management services
    The main complex (main area)
    reserve fund


    The costs of buying a property in the UAE can change in the future, especially as it is an official fee issued by the government, except for the fees of the transaction observer and the sworn translator.

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