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The thought of buying a property in United Arab Emirates means that sourcing out a professional real estate company to act as your guide in United Arab Emirates becomes your 1st and most important step. The company you select should be able to provide you with top-notch legal, logistic and technical services during the 3 stages of the sales process.

General and special services along with the pricing criteria and company’s history and reputation are what differentiate real estate companies specializing in properties and investments.

At United World, a renowned professional real estate company, we take pride in offering you the best in consultancy, legal and logistic services in addition to offering the best available deals and terms during the pre-sale, during the sale and post-sale stages. Services offered through the 3 stages that define our sales process are:

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United World pre-sale process services:

  • Direct contact where you can access our official web page and social media sites. You can get in touch with us directly through our  official websites in two different languages in addition to our social media pages such as: facebook, twitter, Instagram and google plus where you can view our listed properties in detail.
  • Communication with United World became easier with our representatives speaking: Arabic, English, Turkish, Russian.
  • Our property coverage extends to major cities in the United Arab Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi
  • An assigned United World representative will be available to assist and provide you with property lists in addition to all pertaining information regarding purchasing costs, living costs and other logistics.
  • United World will be glad to assist you in booking the appropriate hotel room or apartment for your upcoming property tour to the United Arab Emirates.
  • Meet and greet at the airport and transport to your selected hotel.

United World during the sale process services:

  • An introductory and preliminary meeting on the 1st day of your property tour will be held at United World office to provide an overview of the city and pre-selected projects with respect to location, features and pricing.
  • United World representative will take you for a quick tour around the city, visiting historic and tourist sites.
  • Visit available real estate projects on the ground, so you can evaluate and write down notes on our provided brochures.
  • Decision-making meeting: at this gathering, all filtered projects will be viewed and compared according to pricing, location, size, investment opportunities and public services to provide you with rational and scientific facts needed to simplify the decision-making.
  • Contract agreement to be prepared by United World and signed between you and the selected property owner in your preferred language in addition to English.
  • Start the process of title deed transfer (Tapu) by coordinating between all the parties.
  • Acquire the title deed (Tapu) in your name.
  • Start the subscription process for the electricity, water, and gas (where available) connection.

United World post-sale process services

  • Accompany you to furniture and appliances/electronics stores to choose decoration, furniture and appliances/electronics that suit your tastes and needs at best prices.
  • Assist in furnishing your entire apartment and oversee delivery workers to ensure the best quality.
  • Assist and offer our consultancy expertise should you want to settle and establish your own business in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Assist in the search and purchase of your new / used car (if you choose to get one) and assist in all related logistics.
  • You can always count on United World representative to be there for you should you require any advice.

United World recognizes that you deserve a prosperous and quiet lifestyle in a country known for its social, political and economic stability and away from daily pressures.  Accordingly, all our services are offered for free.

United World, your official partner, and friend in the United Arab Emirates

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